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Management needs to analyze and solve in real-time critical issues and solutions referred to customer intelligence, treasure & risk management, fraud detection, performance management, financial, protocols compliance. The approach requested to solve such issues must derive from a business perspective rather than from technology one.

Dramatic time savings in budgeting, planning and forecasting processes are common and highly visible needs. Finance organizations are focusing on data consolidation and business process management and orchestration that free finance professionals from frustrating and repetitive tasks and allow to valuable time savings by helping them identify errors quickly.

Mergers and acquisitions also play a significant role in the demands for integration of data and information across disparate systems.

NEGENTIS provides a scalable and high performance Enterprise Software Suite that gives the following benefits:

- reducing transaction costs and the time to process each transaction
- effective business processes improvement ad orchestration with support growth and increase   responsiveness
- integrate online applications with back-end and front-end modules, including customer service,   accounting, reporting and data processing and customer service
- increasing business agility to coordinate management and operations actions, market data   and just-in-time reporting


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