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Workforce optimization and business decision issues drive service providers to adopt agent and advanced analytics for training, automation, performance improvement, real-time modelling, scoring and business priorization, fraud detection and churn management.

Industries involve the integration of complex, high-volume B2B transactions for service provisioning, logistics management and inter-company billing. Service providers need also support to navigate difficult regulatory terrain, and focus on replacing inefficient business systems that cannot handle complex billing and provisioning tasks, with new information networks that consolidate customer data and facilitate strategic planning.

Key issues include the streamlining of business processes, integration and consolidation of legacy applications and centralized customer knowledge base including service and billing information.

NEGENTIS provides a scalable and high performance Enterprise Software Suite that gives the following benefits:

- gaining control and optimization on execution of business and operations processes
- increase of responsiveness and support growth
- increase of speed to market and service excellence
- total integration of disparate systems to better support customers on multiple product lines
- ensuring compliance with government regulations
- leveraging existing legacy systems for reducing implementation costs of new business   procedures
- analysis of consumer service usage in order to address new revenues opportunities


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