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To gain real-time business control, enterprises must achieve two goals: to minimise the time and optimize the quality of response to business events and human actions.

Negentis CI can help the enterprise to achieve such goals in several ways:

- during the Signalling activity, events that are significant for the process are detected in
  real-time (e.g. an error, a transaction, the issuing of a trouble ticket, etc.)
- during the Resolution activity, the proper reaction to the events is determined in real-time
  on the basis of reasoning schemas that can be applied automatically by software agents
  or by human actors
- during the Response activity the reaction is actuated in real-time so that the business
  processes forced to evolve over the time according its expected behaviour.

Negentis CI smartly and quickly supports actions (responses) of the human operators involved and automate those ones that can be deferred to applications and systems. This can be accomplished by the means of the following Knowledge-Based-Systems modules that make a wide range use specific mix of models based on analytic and Artificial Intelligent technologies:

- Rule engine
  high performance and flexible event-driven business rule engine. Rules are defined by
  "IF-THEN" statements that conform to the "business oriented" natural language syntax.
  Rules are fully configurable by the combination of systems and user events and business
  process variables. The rule composition is guided by a context sensitive syntax checker and
  item lists components that avoid the user to compose erroneous statements. Modelling tool
  provides predefined system operator libraries like logic, arithmetic and analytic functions.
  New user defined functions can be provided without shutting down the system in plug&play by
  java, C++ and many other languages libraries development.

- Transaction Engine
  high performance real-time computing engine for general services, usage events and alerts
  mediation, profiling, charging, accounting, rating and invoicing.


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