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Modern, successful enterprises must focus on:

- Customer-Orientation
  by letting each customer to have unique product and service experiences
  while maintaining high quality standards

- Agility
  to quickly react to internal and external stimulus

- Core-Business
  by identifying appropriate sourcing strategies for processes,
  applications, components, services etc.

Modern enterprise architectures shall also focus on processes and business components, rather than on technology and have to be developed and evolved by manipulating the business process directly, using the language and the concepts of business, not the language and concepts of machines. In such a view, Business Process Management (BPM) is the key component of a succesfull company strategy.

Negentis HC-BPM helps organizations in increasing productivity and revenues, reducing costs and enabling new business models and offerings by directly connecting customers, suppliers, partners and employees to business processes on-line, in real-time.

Negentis HC-BPM modules includes:

- Studio
  is the end-to-end comprehensive workbench for Business Process Modeling provided as
  an Eclipse plug-in. It is based on a block-diagrams Graphic User Interface (GUI) capable
  to design arbitrarily complex process flows. It allows fast BPM real-time and on the-fly workflow
  engine configuration according to operative tasks and enterprise applications.

- BPM Engine
  open, scalable and fast BPM engine for complex and structured processes execution. It
  provides the logic for the run-time business process orchestration over the distributed
  corporate units. Thanks to the adoption of a SOA pattern, the process model is separate from
  the underlying applications and users so that changes in the application architecture do not
  affect the designed processes and viceversa. Besides, such architecture shields functional
  business managers from technical complexities allowing them to evolve their processes
  on-the-fly, so businesses can improve their efficiency at any time without disrupting
  in-progress customer-facing processes.

- Portal Desktop
  is the engine for the automatic generation of the run-time operational Web-Portal. People
  access the Web-Portal for carrying on their workflow activities through a secure single-sign-on
  mechanism. Interaction is driven by common checklists and activities queue components plus
  activity-specific components. The navigation between pages is implicitly generated by the
  process flow.

- Portal Studio plug-in
  through a dedicated tab panel, offered by a very user-friendly Eclipse plug-in, it supports the
  zero programming authoring of activity-specific components and the Web-Portal's overall look
  and feel. A full set of graphical widgets is available for managing even complex data structures
  characterizing business activities.

- Manager Server
  is the easy and flexible web based BAM graphical console. It shows processes, along with
  associated key performance indicators, according to their status (to-be-executed, running,
  completed etc.). Alarms related to significant events can be easily configured and notified in
  real-time thanks to the push/pull communication facilities offered by ESB Server. The console
  provides reporting capabilities on the basis of user profiles, activities, time and statistical
  parameters. It offers high-level integration with external business intelligence systems
  like OLAP.

- Portal Framework
  set of J2EE artifacts and libraries that allows to easily and quickly build, custom Portal Desktop.
  It fully supports use of cascading Style Sheet and allows to program and customize a flexible
  and wide range of user web interface templates.


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