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Enterprise information systems usually involve many different applications and several different technological platforms.
Traditional architectures were constructed within the citadel of the Information System organization and the back-office. They are monolithic, centralized architectures that focus only within the enterprise and aim to attain technical uniformity.

Negentis IC-BPM enables enterprise-class computing because it shapes the enterprise IT assets and organization and allows to model, configure, integrate, orchestrate, and control data and application flows among legacy corporate and external customer and partners distributed IT systems.

Negentis IC-BPM is based on Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) that is arising as the reference model for actual and modern IT architectures and that implements a "computing-as-a-service" concept: application platforms are viewed as entities providing business-relevant application services on-demand rather than technological assets hosting programs.

Negentis IC-BPM provides the following modules:

- ESB Server
  message-oriented middleware that provides a distributed, standard based, cost-effective
  infrastructure that reliably allows the application integration and the business process
  orchestration across the extended enterprise.

- ESB Studio plug-in
  is the end-to-end comprehensive workbench for Modeling Integration provided as an Eclipse
  plug-in. It is based on a block-diagrams Graphic User Interface (GUI) capable to design
  arbitrarily complex application flows, defining enterprise adapters, configuring XML data
  mapping, managing exception handling and routing policies without hard-coded programming.

- ESB Development Kit
  set of J2EE artifacts and libraries that allows to easily and quickly build, configure, test and
  deploy new Enterprise Adapters. It also includes a multi-stack application programming
  interface (API) conforming to J2EE, JMS, SOAP, XSL, RMI, HTTP/XML standards in order to
  allow IC-BPM and HC-BPM adoption into 3rd party products.

- ESB Manager plug-in
  is the end-to-end Visual Tool Eclipse plug-in for monitoring, orchestrate, and control running
  Enterprise Adapters and Integration flows on the fly. It provides advanced reporting tools and
  real-time visual cockpits for high and low level information on running Enterprise Adapters
  (e.g.: Adapter Cpu usage, adapter memory usage, number of methods calls, etc.).

- Ready to use Enterprise Adapters
  they provide flexible external application integration by hiding the complexity of the
  specific data exchanged protocol and format. Ready-to-use adapters are used for
  implementing the standard protocols (FTP, SMTP, POP3, HTTP, SNMP, FILE, JDBC, JNDI, JAAS,
  Web-Services, IPDR) and formats (XML, CSV, ASCII). Dedicated adapters have been
  developed for some vertical market leading 3rd party products.


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