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Negentis Enterprise Software Platform helps companies and organizations to effectively deliver Business Services for corporate, partners and customer distributed user networks. Total Real-Time Business Control is gained by strategically exploiting business integration and operations streamlining capabilities offered by Internet-related technologies and Computational Intelligence.

Negentis Enterprise Software Platform consists of a federated environment that, by the mean of a set of tightly core modules, offers a wide range of pre-built and ready-to-use vertical domain applications suitable for Telco, Communication, E-Services, Industry and Government markets.

The Platform is entirely based on pure standard J2EE technology in order to follow technology progress and avoid problems deriving from proprietary solutions that tend to become quickly obsolete. It is fully scalable along each performance dimension.

Significant application domains follow below:

- Human Centric Business Process Management (HC-BPM)

- Integration Centric Business Process Management (IC-BPM)

- Computational Intelligence (CI)

- Always-on Ubiquity and Availability


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