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Negentis Enterprise Software Platform is fully compliant with a large set of "Always-On" devices that are available to mobile enterprise users and that are enabled to carry, on their business process activities remotely through multi-channel access devices including 3G and Wi-Fi handsets and PDAs. Real-time ubiquitous computing and collaborative tools are provided jointly with operational web-portals.

Moreover operating in the Real-Time Connected Economy implies for enterprises to accept that more processes, applications and systems will be dynamically accessed as pre-engineered and configurable business services - a special class of e-Services - rather than owned, run and managed in house.
Negentis Enterprise Software Platform provides tools and guidelines for ubiquitous Business On-Demand, where processing capabilities are provisioned "down the pipe" as Web-Services according to a Pay-per-Use model.

Negentis platform provides ubiquity and always-on presence to all nomad and dispersed corporate, parteners ad customer by the mean of the following module:

- Portal Mobile
  is suitably designed for mobile devices and consists of a set of front-end and back-end
  components for the automatic generation of the run-time operational Portal. People interact
  with the portal by the mean of applications that can run on many mobile devices like PDAs,
  hand-helds and last generation smart phones and access remotely to the system throw a
  wireless connection (WI-FI, GPRS, UMTS, etc.). A full set of graphical widgets, suitable
  designed to be viewed on compact size screen, is available for managing, single sign-on,
  check-list and activity queue access and even complex data structures characterizing
  business activities.


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